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How we work


Order our ridiculous offer

We know, our offer sounds almost too good. But we are hungry to help. We do everything to make sure your site looks amazing to give you a head start.


Fill in our questionnaire

To get the best result, we need your input. What URL do you want to use, what colours, content, images, videos or maybe you have an example site. We like to know. 


We setup and deliver

With your input, we set up the site, start working on the design, use your content and put everything together to blow you away in 1 week. 

Don't spend thousands
on hours or budget.

Almost every starting carpenter company or freelance carpenter spends over €2500 for a professional website, in budget or hours.

Depending on if you are just starting out or have a marketing budget, you start building your own site or hire a web designer for a professional website.

The WPdesigners are on a mission to make your life much easier. We will take care of all the hard work and create a stunning site without you spending a large budget or many hours. 

We do everything, from design to the code and from the set-up to the launch. And even after the launch, we take care of your site. 

What You Get

We set up fast hosting with 500MB of free space. This is enough for every starting website. We also register a free domain of your choice or use a domain you already have.

We install WordPress and make sure the hosting is performing outstanding.

We install an SSL certificate so your visitors feel safe on your website.

Our design team will create 1 professional landing page with your images and content. 

If you want additional pages you can add these at our additional features (€200 per page). 

Our design team will create a custom header and footer so u can show your Menu and social links on the best spot.

We make sure the website is SEO ready. This means that your site will be found in Google and has a chance to climb the rankings.

We create the site with Elementor, the best WordPress page builder around. And activate our Licence for PRO features.

With our WProcket licence, your site will be lightning fast.

We make unlimited changes to your photo’s and text.

Our speed expert will check the loading time and optimise the speed of the website.

Every week our support specialist will update WordPress and the themes or plugins to make sure your site is always up-to-date.

The total costs including monthly and yearly costs of a normal website. 

Normal €2365 

€50 / mo

Billed monthly, no notice period

We know, it’s nuts!

Additional Features

Do you want extra pages like a contact page, about us page, service or any other page? That is possible too for a small one-off price per page. 

Do you want a blog? That is possible too. Standard in WordPress there is a blog option. But to match the design of the site we can custom build a blog and archive page.

Don’t have professional images yet? No problem, we research the web for royalty and copyright free images we can use for your website

Do you have customers in other languages? We can create new pages for other languages with the translations you deliver. Costs are €50 per page per language.

Right now we don’t offer a webshop option with WPdesigners. But if you have interest please let us know.

These extra features are not standard included in our ridiculous offer. But after our checkout you can add these features.

Have any Question?

After you got started and enter all the billing information you are asked to fill in a small questionnaire (max 5 min).
With this questionnaire, we will create the website and push it online.
When the site is online we will let you know and we can do 1 revision.

For the overall design of the site there is 1 revision.
But we have unlimited edits for text or photo’s.
So you will always have the latest information on your site. 

In our ridiculous offer, there is 1 free domain. But we only create standard domains. We can’t create any expensive domains. But you are free to buy that domain yourself and we will connect the site by DNS. TIP: check if your preferred domain is still free using this domain checker:

We accept Creditcard, Paypal, and iDeal. 

You get complete freedom over your website. But to protect our service, it is not allowed to move the website to another server. If you do want this, there is a one-time cost of €500.