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The 50 best carpenter website of 2023

We have selected 30 of the best carpenter website we could find. Check out the 30 examples, and if you would like to build a similar site for your company. Then…

Do you want to build a carpenter website? Then you have come to the right place. 

We selected 50 of the best carpentry website to inspire you. 

In the examples below you will find out why we think the carpenter website design is so good.

We pointed out the best practices of these sites and how you could benefit for your own carpenter website design. 

That way, you have a clear idea of how you want your new website to be. 

In any case, if you are searching for a web design company that can help you build your woodworker website then don’t look further.

The WPdesigners have a ridiculous offer you need to check out. We can build your carpentry website and take care of everything else including hosting and a domain name.

But without further ado, let’s continue with our list of the 50 best carpenter website of 2023

The 50 best carpenter website of 2023

Best carpenter website examples of 2023

1: Envisage Carpentry Ltd.

The website of Envisage Carpentry Ltd. has a clean and modern look. As far as we are concerned a textbook example of a good carpenter website. The large round fonts and the soft green gives a calm character to the whole interface.

The website has few animations or busy elements, so that the user interface is accessible to a wide audience. Their Kitchen-page contains a nice image-fading which contributes to the calm appearance.

2: Pro Scaffolding

The Elementor website by Pro Scaffolding is a very cool one. A robust look combined with a modern layer. The font certainly contributes to the tough image people have of construction companies. 

The scaffolding in the header background immediately shows what this carpenter website does: build scaffolding. The animations are nice and calm. In addition, the website is extremely fast. That contributes to the ease of use.

3: Betts Fine Carpentry

This carpenter website excels in its great photos and simplicity. The website contains only three pages, which is more than enough. In addition, the web designer has thought about reliability: the reviews stand out immediately. 

The black combines perfectly with the craftsmanship that this website radiates. The integration with Instagram shows this again. It is therefore immediately clear what the purpose of the carpenter website is: to show craftsmanship.

4: Built To Withstand

This carpenter website is one of our favorites. The website gives a great picture of the ancient Great-Britain where craftsmanship was paramount. The pictures take you down small alleys, where craftsmen are hard at work late into the night making things with their hands. 

The clothing of the person on the front page contributes to this, as does the font used. This carpenter website is also simple and easy to use. The videos that focus on Daniel Westbrook’s craftsmanship complete the story.

5: Humphries Cabinets (London)

Humpries’ website is a release for many. The simplicity and peace come to you when you load this site. The white and light gray have a calm and easy character, which makes this website very nice to visit. 

The testimonials are displayed in a video where the viewer is taken into the quality of the services they provide. In addition, the navigation menu has three very important call-to-actions that are easy to reach.

6: Ray Romano Contracting (New York)

Ray Romano Contracting is an award-winning boutique construction company. This is well reflected in the quality of the website. Great photos with a clear theme and composition. 

The ease with which you scroll through this website overwhelms you. The parallax effect is not exaggerated, but gives just that one push a website needs. This is a very good and modern carpenter website where many can take an example from.

7: Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery

Top Knot Carpentry is an Australian carpenter. A wave of modernity and beauty grabs you when you visit the website. The blue and white colors gives authority to the company.

The smooth slideshows of photos all over the website featuring their work takes you inside the operations and transports you to where the artwork is. The smooth animations do not give a busy image, but a professional impression. They have a lot of content on the website which is a very nice thing for the visitor.

8: M2 Carpentry (Sydney)

M2 Carpentry is a perfect example of a good carpentry website. This website has it all: clean design, pastel colors and a logical and simple structure. The site has a good integration with Instagram on the home page, ensuring visitor engagement on social media as well. 

The content is organized in a good way. Logical for visitor and administrator. The pastel colored contact button gives a clear but not compelling impression. Projects are excellently displayed with a splash of perfection.

9: D. Timmerman

This Dutch entrepreneur has got it all figured out. The website is very clean and uses a recognizable red color. Photos take center stage, both in the hero and in the body of the website.

Dave Timmerman himself is featured on the home page. This provides a personal touch. When you switch pages, a nice fade occurs while the page is loading. These effects contribute to an accessible, attractive and easy-to-use interface.

10: London Joinery (London)

London Joinery is a high-end joinery based in London. The website radiates this immediately when you visit it. The use of the round and elegant font Poppins gives an extra luxurious look and ensures a true experience. 

The black with the beautiful pictures is typical of their way of working: professional. The about-page playfully tells the story behind this company. By alternating blocks of text with photos, the story is told visually. That is a very strong element of this website.

11: Bos Timmer- en onderhoudsbedrijf

Bos Carpentry and Maintenance Company is a good example of how one-pagers work. The striking red color is well combined with the dark gray and light gray backgrounds. The Rubik font is a good addition to the robust image of this website. 

Tough and independent is what it expresses. What stands out is the lack of the navigation bar. This onepager certainly doesn’t need that either, as a good carpenter website doesn’t need much. 

12: Highrise Carpentry

High Rise Carpentry has understood web design. Their website is professional, playful and unconventional. How the projects are displayed in a masonry layout is insanely well done. The subtle overflow of the projects over other backgrounds is an element that is becoming more common.

This carpenter website is a textbook example of how new designs can work well. In addition, we see a lot of white space on the website, which gives it a calm look and makes for an uncluttered whole. This is one of our favorites.

13: Earlywood Carpentry (San Francisco)

Earlywood Carpentry and Construction has chosen an upscale layout where craftsmanship comes first. The ingenuity of this website is great: short titles and especially lots of pictures. 

The visual story they want to tell is clear and well-organized. The visitor immediately knows where he or she stands. The menu is minimalistic and elegantly designed. The bottomline of this website is again: less is more. That’s what works well on carpenter websites.

14: Intimber Pty. Ltd.

Intimber has chosen a fairly simple layout with unusual colors. The color blue is a color we don’t often see reflected on websites. It is very appealing and emphasizes the unique services In Timber provides.

The contact information is directly on the homepage. The fun icons in the third row on the homepage are very modern, attractive and innovative. The website is sustainable for the future and will probably remain so for some time. Carpenter websites like this one will stick!

15: Scott Brown Carpentry

Scott Brown Carpentry has looked at other carpenter websites as we can see. Learning from your competitor is very smart, especially when it comes to web design. Scott Brown Carpentry also has a story to tell and does so through images.

Large masonry style images are prevalent over the content they write. Very good, because the entrepreneurs’ active YouTube channel is full of visual content. This indicates that Scott Brown knows their target audience well and knows how to appeal to them.

16: Woodcraft Designs

This website may not be the most special in design right away, but it has everything a good carpenter website needs. The minimalist design ensures the focus is on the content. The content here immediately catches the eye.

At a glance it is clear what this company can do for the visitor. In addition, there are a number of photos further down this website that reinforce their persuasiveness. The visitor has little choice but to simply call the number and hire them for a great job!

17: Avery Carpentry

Avery Carpentry has a very nice and clean website. The page-load transition has been a very good choice. It immediately displays something on the screen, keeping the visitor looking. The blue and white together are a golden combination.

The site gives a lot of space to the content, the beautiful photos and the smooth animations. The font is big, but not too big what makes it easy to read. This carpenter website knows how to persuade customers to buy from you. 

18: Dryden Carpentry

Dryden Carpentry’s website is a special one. The slanting logo has a playful effect on the rest of the website. Here we again see the white and blue color combination. White is a color of cleanliness and calm. Blue gives authority. 

These are also exactly the feelings that this capentry website wants to evoke in the visitor. Again, we see plenty of space for content and photos. This seems to be a trend on carpenter websites. In any case, we are excited about it.

19: AJC Carpentry

AJC Carpentry has chosen a full-screen photo as its hero section. The title is aligned at the bottom, inviting the visitor to look further down the website. AJC Carpentry has chosen visual stories and little text.

The visitor immediately sees what AJC Carpentry excels in. The site feels good and is really optimized for ease of use. In addition, it is also fast, a plus!

20: Chichester Carpentry

Wow! Chichester Carpentry has set a standard for carpenter websites. Their floating menu and fine scroll-flow have a very big effect on the ease of use of this website. 

The red with the light gray makes it look calm, but also shows that Chichester Carpentry has passion for the trade. The large photos and abundance of white space give a modern look, and in doing so have set a new standard for good carpentry websites. Well done!

21: Falkus Joinery

The font and colors immediately stand out on this website. The gold accents blend well with the white space and large photos on the home page. The bold font adds an extra touch to the image of these men who work hard day and night to make the most beautiful things.

The website itself is very comprehensive with lots of content and photos. Something that was a good choice, because the visitor is overloaded with information. This carpenter website gets a thumbs up for their insights.

22: DJ Carpentry Solutions

DJ Carpentry Solutions has a different website than the cool ones before it. DJ Carpentry is more in the luxury segment of carpenter websites. The fine font and soft pastel colors give a luxurious look and make for a nice experience. 

The slider on the homepage immediately appeals to a large group of visitors with the various works they have provided. The masonry layout of the gallery gives large works the space and brings the small works into focus in a more subtle way. That’s how image management worked out well.

23: Finz Carpentry

Finz Carpentry excels at simplicity. Their specific target audience is clearly addressed here. The website speaks nature and writes peace. The content is minimal, but with the beautiful works, that’s not a problem at all. 

The characteristic renovations and houses get all the space and stand out well on the black background. The New Zealand culture is also given space. That makes this website unique. Simple, yet very appealing.

24: Torre DCC Carpentry

Torre DCC Carpentry has created a website where tranquility overwhelms you. The white background along with the black color of the font really make the content stand out. 

The navigation bar is modern and provides all the conveniences. The site is also easy to use for all audiences. 

25: Collective Carpentry

Collective Carpentry’s website uses a three-color scheme. Red, gray and white predominate. These three colors are perfectly matched as the site looks great. The hero section on the homepage already provides an immediate CTA to contact them.

The visitor who wants to take a moment to look at more is also at their beck and call. Their services and approach are well written out with the visitor not being distracted by huge pictures or unnecessary animations. In addition, the large number of pixels of white space gives the visitor a chance to browse through the site. Well done! 

26: Toronto Prestige Carpentry (Toronto)

Toronto Prestige Carpentry gives minimalism a new dimension. The fine fonts and dark gray color give a fine look to this luxury company. Their projects are nicely displayed with an overlay of a block with the title to each photo. 

The space between the lines of text and the good quality photos are a perfect cocktail of design and content. In any case, this carpenter website has understood how to appeal to its visitors.

27: Custom Vancouver Carpentry (Vancouver)

These hard workers have completely understood carpentry websites. The robust font with the white background gives a fine look. What we really like is that the home page immediately shows the employees.

This gives a personal touch and gives the company and its website a face. This onepager also has everything a onepager needs to be successful. Team, testimonials and projects. This is one for the books!

28: Classic Woodwork

This is a very good website. The hero section of Classic Woodwork is subtly boxed-out. This gives a very fine and special look to the website. The name says it all: lots of wood. We see that very much on the website.

This carpenter website has a load of photos and text very well interspersed. In addition, the content is well displayed and visualized by photos and examples. The thin font provides a luxurious look and feel and is therefore a real gem!

29: Robert Carpentry

Robert Carpentry, like our predecessors, opts for a luxurious look. This alluring style has everything a website needs. Overview, structure and visual narratives. You can see with this website that this company is knowledgeable and knows what they are talking about.

Their slideshow in the hero section is subtle and works with a quiet transition. The font speaks peace and minimalism. Robert Carpentry’s target audience has a good choice with this carpenter website!

30: Custom Carpentry in Florida (Florida)

This website tells the story in a diverse range. Many photos, many videos and that right on the homepage. It’s cool to see the focus on that. This glossy website with a black background lets the narrative come first. 

We see a fresh website with a simple layout that distracts little from the content. It is easy for most visitors to view and read. Focused on the visitors, this carpenter websites makes a good impression.

31: JK Carpentry & Construction

JK Carpentry has built a tough and robust website. The web designer sees the power of the blue and yellow color combination. Combined with the sturdy font, it gives a modern look to the website. 

This comprehensive carpentry website has enough space for the content and photos of the work done. The visitor is indeed invited to look further. Little white space gives a compact look and the designer has made a fabulous choice

32: Painted Sky Carpentry

Painted Sky Carpentry has a clear and modern website. This carpenter website uses the color orange and thus has a striking color to it. The website is fast, reads easily and shows the craftsmanship that this carpenter stands for. 

The color orange matches well with the wood colors on the projects page. Orange gives a warm feeling and makes most people believe what you say. However, this carpenter needs nothing more than just his pictures of the solid work he does.

33: Carpenter Oak

Carpenter Oak is also a fan of the color Orange. This thunderously modern site has an important part in showcasing their work. What Carpenter Oak does well is situate their products in different situations, such as during a wedding. 

This expressive website also has good content with lots of information about the working process and the works they have already done. The website is fast and has a clear signature. This modern website gets a high score from us.

34: Capital Joinery Services

Wow! Capital Joinery Services has found a great way to give a website real character. The dark blue oasis that smiles at you has a serious and luxurious effect. This contemporary site is fast and has a nice slider in the hero. 

Content is displayed simply and finds its way to the visitor easily. The testimonials on each page confirm the quality that Capital Joinery delivers. This carpenter website has understood web design!

35: TR Custom Carpentry

Unconventional is the best description of this carpenter website. By that we mean mainly the way the navigation menu is displayed. The large photos of the homepage immediately catch the attention.

The iconic little dog on the instagram feed gives a playful image to this carpenter. The content is mostly told visually, exactly the way most carpenters do best to convince customers. Thijmen Riedé, the Dutch owner, is featured on the about us page. He does that well, because a face gives a personal effect.

36: Didsbury Joinery Team

This onepager has a special look. The large and thin arrows in the center of the screen give the visitor the hint to scroll through. 

The large, blurry photos in the background have a vintage effect but also emphasize the difficult handiwork they do. This carpenter doesn’t need more to make a good website.

37: Qubic Carpentry

A playful website with a modern twist. That’s how Qubic Craftmanship can be well described. The two shades of blue complement each other well and almost give a Mediterranean effect.

That effect is a nice addition to the beautiful work this carpenter delivers. The beige background in the project section adds a dynamic touch to the whole. It is a well-organized website with enough space for content. 

38: NLD Construction Inc.

This carpenter also chooses a color combination of blue and white. The stylish lines on the left side of the content on the homepage give a modern look. Large buttons and CTAs that immediately catch the eye correspond to a well-functioning marketing machine.

The image-filling hero section makes stories visual but not distracting. In fact, the content is completely photo-free. That looks like a very good conscious choice by the designer. In any case, this website has done well and is therefore included in our list!

39: Woodcraftwork

Wood Craft shows that a minimalist look leaves a good impression on visitors. The logo design is already creative and appealing. The photo of the luxurious interior also immediately shows the target audience of this website well.

Again, there is plenty of room for photos and dark backgrounds. The golden touch gives the whole a nice and clean impression. This is an important factor in the success of this website.

40: Platinumworks

Platinum Works Joinery has chosen a dark website. Rows are positioned across the width. The dark with the gold accent has a fantastic look. In addition, we see something we haven’t really seen anywhere before: a classic handwritten font.

The first title really stands out. This in combination with the modern body font really appeals. The CTA is placed in the middle of the navigation bar. This oasis of calm has everything we look for at WPDesigners.


Minimalist concept: those are the first words that come to mind when we think of this website. Small letters and large pictures whose theme fits very well within minimalism. This website is just right. The wood dances a modern dance with the white background.

Social media is very important, especially with this work. An off-grid navigation also has a playful effect. This way of building websites really appeals to us. What’s really great: the navigation that you keep seeing when the next page loads.


Wow! The boxed body of this carpenter website reflects a real experience. The beige background and slightly darker edges give a compact display. Big titles and small subtitles, that’s the recipe for a successful website.

This Danish carpenter really put time into the UX and UI of the website. It is tremendously intuitive. The big off-canvas menu is really super cool. A big video in the background gives an interactive element to the website.


Custom Furniture DFW understands that craftsmanship also exudes quality. The tools give a vintage experience but are well combined with modern elements. Again, a classic font in some places. For the projects, here are also great photos and little content.

That’s not a bad thing at all, that’s a good thing. Again, the color combination is coordinated with the photos and the dark-colored wooden products that Custom Furniture DFW designs. Overview and simplicity for the win!


Style. Simplicity. Light. That’s how WPDesigners describe the website of m2 concept. This Belgian carpentry website has set a good example of how website making should be done. The stylish light stripes through the top of the title on the homepage is incredibly 2022.

Modern sans serif fonts alternating with classic fonts are really a must for a modern website. Each page is unique, has style and shows that the carpenter industry is also modernizing. Great job and a true example for the rest!


Evist goes for a bold website. Wood takes center stage and puts cheerful accents on the buttons. We like this tango with wood. Real craftsmen with a modern twist is what the website exudes.

Peace, space and regularity prevail with flying colors. Different projects are displayed in different ways. All matching the nature of the product. A good confluence of composition and style.


The hero section of Ed Kenny Carpentry has everything it takes to make a good carpenter website. A thick sans serif font that immediately contains the company name. Very subtly another supertitle gives a very cool effect.

Again, a good alternation of pictures with content. Simple and straightforward design of a website can bring about genius effects. Ed Kenny Carpentry must have thought so too. This carpenter has scored big points with us and is therefore included in our list!


This informative website shows that images and content can greatly enhance each other as long as they don’t get mixed up. Good structure is very important and has a good influence on the overview of the website.

The website uses a multi-color scheme in which the colors play well with each other. Here again simplicity and a simple look. The UX is also interesting because the website is laid out very logically. Projects are really well highlighted and have a logical layout.


Rinck has opted for a minimalist design, setting itself apart from the competition with bombastic and robust designs. The fusion of black and white gives a good effect. This doesn’t always go over well with all websites, but Rinck knows better.

A boxed layout also gives tranquility and is distinct, different from the other websites. The slider on the homepage is cool, cohesive and reflects well on Rinck’s way of working. Very well done!


De Branderij uses a modern layout. Bombastic and robust. This also fits with the image of the website and shows that carpentry websites can also be design signposts. This is really our style. Cool yet very subtle.

De Branderij also has a cool color combination with blue and a light brown accent. The craftsmen are here for you on the about us page and also give a personal touch. It’s great to see that Ko, Huib and Mathijs understand that a good website is very important.


GM Carpentry Construction, like its predecessors, has a large slider as its herosection. This is a good choice, as they have a simple way of immediately introducing the visitor to the products they provide. They have a cool pageload animation.

The green matches remarkably well with the black and white-gray background. This was a good choice by GM Carpentry Construction. Carpentry websites like this often do really well online, but also definitely with existing customers. Wow!

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With a CTA you encourage your visitor to do the step you have in mind for them.

An example of a CTA is a button that will send visitors to a offer page like this one:

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Imagine you want to buy something. What is one of the first things you do when you found the product you were looking for?

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