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The 30 Best DJ Website Examples to Inspire Your Next Website Project

We have selected 30 of the best dj website we could find. Check out the 30 examples, and if you would like to build a similar site for your company. Then…

A good website with  a snazzy look can place your company ahead of others in the scale of things whether or not  your services are tech-related. Your website should be innovative, informative, and driven by trendy web elements that can pin down the attention and interest of visitors. 

We’ve thoroughly researched and assembled 30  best DJ websites with cool features  to relieve you of the hassles of searching and touring around the internet for inspiration. Our selection of attractive websites can give you an idea of how to approach your DJ website design project. 

Do you want to build a dj website? Then you have come to the right place. 

We selected 30 of the best diskjockey website to inspire you. 

In the examples below you will find out why we think the dj website design is so good.

We pointed out the best practices of these sites and how you could benefit for your own dj website design. 

That way, you have a clear idea of how you want your new website to be. 

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But without further ado, let’s continue with our list of the 30 best dj website of 2023

The 30 best dj website of 2023

The 30 DJ website examples to inspire your next website project

The out of the box design provokes creativity with its darkish background and outlook. The homepage first image has a spiritual undertone and that’s part of what makes the website stand out. There are a couple of nicely laid YouTube videos that give you a firsthand idea of what the website is about.

The website is simple and well organized. It comes with a comprehensive list of programs of schedules of the DJ. The social icons and menu bar leads you to other platforms where they promote their activities. This is a nice-to-visit DJ website. 

The DJ website creates an environment of music, using varying colors and imagery. The image of the DJ focusing on a particular angle shows a sense of focus and discretion. The design is a masterpiece, which also gives fans lots to look at and explore when they visit the homepage.

 His DJ website helps to reflect the image and personality of the brand in a sleek and stunning style. The layout of his page makes his music easy to find, listen to, and download. The menu bar leads you to other important parts of the website.


A tech-friendly and super dynamic theme, this website creates a great sense of branding. It has a sleek black background and some luminous touch of light green. The retina ready website is easy to customize and navigate, it further features playlists, tracks, tickets to music shows, radio sessions, podcasts, masterclasses etc.

These activities were integrated to engage, entertain and improve the audience. This is a nice DJ website template to emulate.

The homepage first reveals a blurry image layered under hues of red and orange. The attributes of the website are soulful, with music tracts, music shows, albums and other activities, giving the site an interesting and modern vibe.

The simple drop-down menu bar shows other extensions of the site like tour, shop, stores etc. The website is not only innovative, but it’s also easy to navigate. This is a great website template to emulate when building a DJ website.

A professional DJ website designed for the digital age, depicting creativity, instrumentation and intuitiveness.The outlook comes unique in sleek black and yellow blend, with white texts that highlights their services, songs, shows and engagements. The website boasts professional photos and videos. 

The content in the website is easy to read, with a high contrast between the text and background. The designer also included social media icons to enable visitors or clients to check them out.

The homepage comes with a fireful vibe that entertains and engages visitors. The theme has elegant UI/UX designs with mobile-ready and user-friendly features. The imagery and color shows off the brand personality, and improves their visibility.

Headhunterz is an internationally recognized DJ that produces iconic anthems for big brands, and has performed countless times on most prestigious stages. This is a digitally perfect design that can inspire your future DJ website design.

A stand-out design with a cleaner and efficient layout that aligns its elements and components perfectly. It features an array of click-able images that leads you to each album page.  The social media icons connect visitors to their social world, helping them stay updated with music trends and their latest updates.

The website also features a vlog section, and intimates the audience about their tour/event plans. This DJ website will engage you every step of the way throughout the period of time you spend on it.

This website opens up a new possibility by successfully compressing all major components of the site in a miniature scale. Visitors can access new albums, listen to tracks, purchase songs, send messages and equally navigate to their social media platform.

 All of the aforementioned actions can be performed right at the homepage. The DJ website chose a rather alluring color, one that ceases attention. The black background gave it a sturdy nature and also helped to amplify the beauty of its contents.

David Guetta website is a premium website template with a winning design, yet reflecting rapt attention to details. The homepage slideshow images come with beautiful motion effects, in colors that align with the brand.

The drop down navigation menu makes exploring the site easy and seamless, like navigating to page line discography, your dates, radio show, photo and video. The website featured Youtube videos that demonstrated the DJ’s performance. This is a good DJ website to glean inspiration.

This website design is a great work of art. It is energetic and fun, it conceptualizes the balance between voices and sound! The background reflects cool graphics, and modern technology. This is one interesting design that links external and internal applications together! You can play music on the site via soundcloud or mixcloud.  

The DJ website key features includes discography, social media links, web store and more. This is a great website template for developing a music-related website.

 The website outlook is one of a kind, it wows the audience with a well-scripted, well-played short video that commands attention. The homepage is well structured and has a nice, usable and lovable layout. The home page features the Sefa new merchandise like T-shirts, Hoodies, singles, etc.

  And those products can be purchased right on the website. The website also sells tickets to events and music shows. Feel free to explore this incredible DJ Website. This design idea is worth spreading. 

A classic website with gorgeous web elements like cool graphics, artistic images, unique icons and texts,  that cause visitors to pause and gaze. The website showcased Spotify tracks you can listen to right away. 

The navigation menu leads to the tour section where you find different events and dates. If you are looking to create a professional DJ website, Alok has the features you need to create a viby musical website.

Vice is a professionally designed website with modern attributes and features that clearly represents its niche.  The homepage flaunts an array of music tracks you can play directly on the site, they also feature concerts, live streams and your updates to carry their audience along on their adventures and escapades.

 This is simply a beautiful, feature-rich, fast loading, and customizable DJ website that can inspire your upcoming website design project.

A cool website with a cool theme that includes all the features you need to create a solid fan base online. Highlights of the features include playlist, social media integration, radio, recorder event list, discography, and more. The chatbot helps us engage in communication with them or ask questions.

 The website has a shop where you can purchase their products. Exploring this DJ website is very satisfying, due to the ease of navigation. Visitors can sign up to their newsletter to get firsthand updates about their events and music trends.

Tastefully designed to capture elegance, simplicity and workmanship. DJ Chuckie is distinguished by his professionalism, dexterity and gallant style. There is a glowing image of the DJ and a text and button that leads you to his latest music.

The DJ website does not create complications, it captures the important features of the website with no clutters. The navigation menu gives you access to other important pages of the website. Take a quick tour round this website to get really fascinated and inspired to build yours.

This website has an A+ design, featuring properties of the website that are catchy and engaging. The homepage displayed some motion visuals that gives visitors an insight in music and art.

The thought-provoking images and graphics were used to show forth the newly released songs, with accompanying buttons for download and streaming. The menu section highlighted some social icons and links to pages of the website for touring and navigation purposes. This is a must-visit DJ website.

The first image at the homepage is a resource for entertainment, showing people dressed in different costumes, and posing in great styles. The website has a dark background, although images, buttons and icons are in flashy colors, and that’s a part of what makes the website stand out.

They also sell musical products on the website. And it’s okay to check out their events and tours. You should consider drawing inspiration from this website when developing your DJ website. 

This website has a compelling outlook, you’ll love the homepage creative graphics and images for sure! The website theme has a powerful interface, the layout is almost invisible, but each element and icon are perfectly selected and properly positioned.

 The website has an official online store where you can purchase nice products, and the Carl Cox Tour tickets are sold on the site too. These website elements are highly intuitive and can be a great inspiration for those looking to build a nice DJ website.

This is a modern and a speak looking website, with fanciful components that reflects the visual image of the DJs. The website has a dynamic and responsive theme. And its framework permits the site to be accessed on any kind of smart gadget, including iPad and Android-powered tablets.

 The website has a woo commerce integration, making it feasible for users to purchase things on it. As you explore the site, you’d feel the satisfaction of checking out a cool website. This is a decent DJ website to get inspiration from.

This website plays a trick with colors, the shades and colored shapes leaves you thinking and pondering. However, each text is designed with a link, to help users to access some more functionalities.

The website is highly comparable with media player software like iTunes Store, Apple music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. The website demonstrated art in a color-friendly manner, and that’s why it’s outstanding. This is a worthy DJ website to use as a template for your future design.

This website welcomes you with incredible photos of the DJ in his stage outfit. The website boasts of a clean interface, and the black and white demarcations gave the website a modern and trendy impression.

The website advertised some of their latest music, and they are open for orders. As you scroll down you will find an array of tours and event schedules.This website has all the needed features and functions a DJ website should possess. Be sure to check it out!

The website design beats the odds by integrating slides in its displays. The images and text are two key highlights that gave the website a unique look. There are a couple of things to buy on this site, things like t-shirts and caps, giving that merchandise impression.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated with their every activity and plans. Their social media icons were equally displayed for visitors to check out. This website will make a good template for a website design project.

Tiesto’s website design is a mint of creativity. The features are unpredictable and super intuitive. As you scroll down, you’d discover music, and videos that will grab your attention and interest almost immediately.

The DJ website has a shop where visitors step by to buy some music products. The navigation menu opens up other important sections of the website that are worth checking out. This simple, yet intuitive website is a great resource for inspiration.

This is a simple and straightforward DJ website with images and icons that are naturally lovely. The website features a news section where trendy news about music is publicized.

The design integrated Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Tidah, making selecting songs and listening to them a breeze. The footer section unveiled some of their social media handles to enable visitors to connect and follow up with their social activities.

Above & Beyond is a team  of electronic music dancers, Jono, Tony and Paavo. They have legions of fans around the world, and have been at the forefront of electronic dance music for two decades. Their website is magical and engaging.

 You can perform a couple actions on the site, like obtaining tickets for a music dance tour, playing music, buying items at the store, reaching out to the team or following their social media pages. This miniature website will inspire your upcoming DJ website project.

Just like most musical websites, Ummet Ozcan website shows forth musical videos and audios to entertain audiences and connect audience’s interest to theirs. The website further integrated a newsletter form to get visitors to join their mailing list and get updates about their latest release and extra info about music.

The website features a radio section and a show section. Navigation is pretty easy due to the arrangement and coordinations of the web elements. Consider using this website as an inspiration when building a DJ website.

The impression of this DJ website portrays a mix of soulfulness and vibrancy. The image of a jubilating crowd in a concert was used to illustrate their everyday energy. WILL SPARKS name has forever shaped the global electronic dance music scene.

They have gotten over 500million+ streams across Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube alone. Their website is a wonder to those that understand web design and graphics, and that’s why it’s a worthy inspiration.

This design comes with a unique design that pins down the interest of viewers. Its layouts, topography, images, and text helps to project the purpose and intent of the design, which clearly highlights their musical posture.

The website captured their social media links, to enable visitors to follow up their social media updates and connect with the trends. Exploring this website is easy and seamless. You will surely discover some ideas and tactics for designing your DJ website.

This website is super simple and sleek. It has just one image, and it’s the image of the DJ. The background is covered in white, while the texts are arranged in a nice font and style.

The DJ website revealed links to important aspects like Management, bookings, Press, and some social media icons. If you are looking to design a simple website that can impress viewers, this is your best bet.

Yellow Claw brings to life an innovative concept by instilling design with inspirational graphics and texts. Yellow Claw is a Dutch DJ and record production duo from Amsterdam consisting of Jim Taihuttu (based in Bali) and Nils Rondhuis (based in Amsterdam).

 The duo’s music is a mix of a wide range of genres and often incorporates elements from trap, hiphop, bass, dubstep and hardstyle. Their website is a showstopper, and a beautiful template for a future website design project.

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The use of images is one of the best ways to show your website visitors what you’re doing with your business.

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Whatever you want your website guests to do, you need to make it easy for them.

So every page on your site needs a CTA which is a web design term for a call to action. 

With a CTA you encourage your visitor to do the step you have in mind for them.

An example of a CTA is a button that will send visitors to a offer page like this one:

4: Show of your work with client reviews

Imagine you want to buy something. What is one of the first things you do when you found the product you were looking for?

Exactly, read what others think about it. 

The same principle goes up for your dj website. People want to know how you did your work.

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Social proof is one of the biggest pillars of success. 

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