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The 30 Best Bakery Website Examples to Inspire Your Next Website Project

We have selected 30 of the best bakery website we could find. Check out the 30 examples, and if you would like to build a similar site for your company. Then…

A good website with  a snazzy look can place your company ahead of others in the scale of things whether or not  your services are tech-related. Your website should be innovative, informative, and driven by trendy web elements that can pin down the attention and interest of visitors. 

We’ve thoroughly researched and assembled 30  best Bakery websites with cool features  to relieve you of the hassles of searching and touring around the internet for inspiration. Our selection of attractive websites can give you an idea of how to approach your Bakery website design project. 

Do you want to build a bakery website? Then you have come to the right place. 

We selected 30 of the best pastry shop website to inspire you. 

In the examples below you will find out why we think the bakery website design is so good.

We pointed out the best practices of these sites and how you could benefit for your own bakery website design. 

That way, you have a clear idea of how you want your new website to be. 

In any case, if you are searching for a web design company that can help you build your bakers website then don’t look further.

The WPdesigners have a ridiculous offer you need to check out. We can build your pastry shop website and take care of everything else including hosting and a domain name.

But without further ado, let’s continue with our list of the 30 best bakery website of 2023

The 30 best bakery website of 2023

The 30 best bakery website examples to inspire your next website project


The stunning arrangement of mouth-watering donuts flaunted on the website homepage is not so easy to resist. The website’s unpretentious design shows forth some yummy crumbs and appetizing snacks, with buttermilk and chocolate icing that takes you on a diet cruise.

The physique and color of the site are visually intriguing, and the hamburger menu is fixed to help users navigate to other aspects of the site, like the photo menu, photo gallery, and brand story. The website design generously showcases their baked products in a way that is absolutely fantastic. This is an ideal website to draw inspiration when looking to set up a baker website.

Madison Dandoy is an iconic bakery brand that utilizes a traditional approach to achieving innovative baking. Their website shows forth lists of captivating waffles, biscuits, and snacks that were crafted with real butter, brown sugar, and handcrafted wooden molds.


 The layout, topography, and colors are naturally enthralling, user-friendly, and calm. The website highlights the special talents of the team, thereby projecting their stellar accomplishments, so as to the audience informed about their capabilities. Check out the site and get inspired for your next baker’s website.

The website reveals a rather welcoming and authentic brand voice and story. Black birds backing is an outstanding brand known for manufacturing and delivering bunch loaves of bread, pastries and sandwiches to communities in Toronto.  They use attention-to-details, skills and caregiving tool as competitive advantage. Their website is designed with less-vibrant, yet effective colors and fonts that creates that unique energy of calmness and bliss. 

The web space is not congested with text and icons, making it flexible and clean. And the inclusion of good-looking snacks like the organic sourdough miche, sesame bums, sourdough baguette etc brings out the beauty of this baker website

Berkelo does a great job at leaving a lasting first impression. The idea of pink is simply ingenious, not to mention the alluring sourdough pasta mockup, and the cute images of bread and pastries on the homepage. The  site has a Woocommerce integration, which allows users to window-shop their favorite pastries and send to cart, or alternatively, place an order and have them delivered to their doorstep. 

The website is segmented in categories, such as pastry, pantry, gifts, and bread. As a way of helping to keep the audience engaged and informed about new trends in the bakery industry, a sign up form is attached to add visitors (who might be interested) to their email newsletter. Generally, this bakers website standard is great and often leaves browsers with a satisfying scrolling effect.

This online Bakery shop is a masterpiece, and an outcome of out-of-box creativity. The site showcases an unfolding blend of high-definition bakery images and schematic angles in their different bold yellowish and dark shadings. 

The smooth array of lines, angles, images and icons gives an incredible scrolling experience. The site has an amazing speed and is mobile-friendly. Within the homepage are some stylish and fun animations. You should consider drawing inspiration from this baker website.

Bbrood website is skillfully designed with impressive layouts and images that can inspire visitors to order some snacks. The homepage welcomes you with a fascinating image of four individuals with sizable sumptuous-looking snacks. 

The design impression of the site is moderately vibrant, with effective CTAS. The website featured the brand’s Africa  subsidiary and delicacies. The bakers website is inclusive, simple and user friendly. As you explore, you will discover different assortments of pastries to try out.

Fox in the snow as the logo implied are proud caterers that are not afraid to show off their glamorous restaurants and baked products. The drooling begins the moment you open the homepage.  The images of the restaurant settings leaves an enticing impression that prompts immediate, irresistible cravings. 

The baker website design strategy is unique, the designer was keen to insert 3 prominent images, and a web menu at the left-end of the homepage . You can navigate to any page in the website or access their social media page from the menu section of the website. 

The bakery and cafe is a local family business that serves coffee, breads, donuts, pastries, sandwiches, cakes, cookies and more. Their website is adorned with trendy web elements and features that creates a balanced and a fascinating approach to baker website development. 

The homepage provides the opportunity for exploring their special packages such as Uber eats, treats, cake and baked products. They used their Tiktok and Instagram images to showcase some of their frost and iced cakes/donuts/cookies. The baker website design highlights some important details like opening hours, announcements, gifts, call to action and more.

This is a classic epitome of intuitive design and advanced quality design. The navigation is swift and dynamic with the infused menu bar that follows you everywhere you go in the homepage. The design pattern spurs second-thought and is very aligned to the brand color.  

The interesting graphics and images of fresh and high-quality backed goods makes the site engaging and interactive. The sophisticated and calm nature of the baker website presents the brand as unique, talented and professional. 

This is a new era website that goes beyond conventional design. The images, layouts, and background are digitized, cohesive, and responsive.  The baked goods collage is crisps, clear and intuitive – they offer a kind of  culinary delight.

The website is automated, animation-ridden and navigation friendly. You can access other regions of the website through the navigation menu. Unlike other Bakery websites,  Lunecroissanterie is savored with a video loop that keeps you entertained while it loads. After checking out this site, you will be truly inspired to upgrade your design standards for your next baker website design project.

Sift dessert Bar has an alluring, colorful page decorated with cupcakes and cookies. The site has some trendy plugins such as Woocommerce, visual composer, login form, etc. Users can buy their favorite cookies, cupcakes and baked snacks at their convenience. Buyers can also move items to cart and purchase later.

The newsletter subscription form is provided to add interesting users to their email broadcast of culinary trendy news. This peaceful and blissful website with cute layouts and topography provides an amazing user-experience! Consider drawing inspiration from this website for your next baker website project.

The Rolling Pin goes all-out displaying  some of their top-rated products, such as pies, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies. The renowned Toronto bakery shop website is designed to attract, and kitted with fanciful topography, CTAs, navigation icons and more. The website is up to standard with a google map integration that guides customers on how to locate their destination.

Pink and white are the prominent colors that give this site a suitable look. The bakers website is built with a messaging system that engages visitors in conversation and helps to answer questions related to their services. The creativity and security of the website entices users to order as many snacked products as they desire.

Ben cuit is one of the finest bakers in Brooklyn. Their website has an elegant design that features high-definition bread images that can tickle the viewer’s interest. The topography, text fonts, layouts, header and footer creates a beautiful harmony, and helps to describe the brand’s visual story in an inviting style.

The homepage text sections are interspersed with high-quality bread images that makes scrolling up and down thrilling. The website components are relative, cohesive and intuitive. Don’t hesitate drawing inspiration from this impressive baker website.

The simplistic design of this website reflects uniform representations of cookies, and snacks, white spaces were sufficiently utilized in the creation of visual impact. Highlights of the homepage include good text fonts, layouts, CTAs, & graphics. 

Spiral diner & bakery shared their visual story in a great context and white background to give the best impression. The developers integrated some order buttons to help customers make easy purchases on the site. Be sure to check out the design techniques for your baker website design inspiration.

Beau chefs take baking to a whole new level, the outcome of their baked product comes with a touch of craftsmanship and skilled baking. The website is not just rated for its professional appeal, but also for its uncluttered layouts, nice font size and excellent topography. 

Their handmade breads and traditionally crafted pasties are rich, and tasty with good textures. The Bakers website  simply portrays an impression of calmness, quality and class. Take a tour round this website to understand the technique of building artisans’ bakery websites.

This bakery shop prides itself by its offerings of daily and  freshly baked stroopwafels. This pastry company creates a form of visual authority by representing their baked products in the most enticing style.  

This website combines old art and modern graphics together, and generally portrays calm, simplistic and  cool impressions. The correct positioning of cookies and images at the homepage can provide inspiration to people looking to upgrade their baker website.

Bakkerij  Van Der Most belongs to the top-tier class of the online bakery industry, they produce unique-looking breads and sumptuous pastries that creates nostalgia. The website welcomes you with a captivating video of a playful display of numerous baked products and desserts.

As you scroll down, you’d discover other categories of baked goods, which  create a thrilling effect in the design. This baker website has a Woocommerce integration and comes with some trendy Addons that allows them show off the variety of treats they offer.

Beaucoup backery goes beyond and above creating baked products with unmatched quality. They grow their baking ingredients, and spices their breads with unique farm products that most chefs don’t use. Their website is endowed with interesting decorations of baked packaged goods,  the topography is wonderful and the background video reveals their visual story with so much humor

The baker website color is calm and seductive, coupled with the alluring  texts and beautiful layouts. With the Chatbot integration, users chat up customer support and get instant feedback. There is an email subscription form that helps users stay updated with the bakery market trends.

Meet the Barcelonia’s best servicing brunch, where customers enjoy creative dishes they can’t find anywhere else in the world. They position as an authority in their industry, operating a cool website  with an aesthetic mix  and minimalistic design.

They also command a good Instagram presence. “Eat My Trip” draw traffic to their website by telling their story in an scaling and attractive style. You will observe images of wonderfully designed mouth-watering desserts and brunch, and as you scroll down, you’d see each pricing.  This is arguably one of the most impressive baker website designs out there.

The website prioritized artistic beauty and sophisticated internal design. The homepage enraptured you with beautifully decorated  cakes, cupcakes and brownies. You’d feel goosebumps all over your body while gazing at the creativity in each fresh-looking baked goods on this site. They also deal in cookies, chips and crumbs. 

The cohesive and signature design magnets visitors, then gives them an emotional experience. You can make purchases on the site or move your favorite items to the cart. The footers provide the right information and navigation pathways for users to take actions on the site. This is the best website to glean inspiration for your upcoming baker website project.

This is a family owned craft bakery committed to delivering freshly baked delicacies to the people of New York City. Their website is kitted with great culinary images and videos  that creates the perfect user experience, and in turn, builds trust and confidence in their potential customers. 

The features of the site include relevant information about the brand (like contact info, address and phone numbers), product categories, order button, simple layouts,  and more. These simple features contained in the web helps to create a lasting best impression. Consider checking out this baker website for a quick inspiration.

The breathtaking light and bright color mix, plus cute images of chocolate chips, cakes and cupcakes,  are a successful outcome of an eccentric web design. The design sweetness creates a smooth navigation, easy scrolling and a great visual appeal. 

The segmentation, topography, text font and colors are top-notch.  The website embraces a refreshing feel for freshly baked goods, and evokes a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. The modern graphics, icons and images of ingredients in this site is a good reminder of what to include in a baker website design.

JCO is a team of extraordinary bakers that offers customers the best crave-indulging treat. The homepage is graced with assortments of iced and frosted donuts that will make visitors pause and gaze. The level of skill and craftiness applied to this website spur visitors to take the step of placing quick orders or stopping by the restaurant for delicious treats. 

This designer understands the concept of “beauty in simplicity.” This explains why simple elements were applied ingeniously to formulate this fully dynamic website. This bakers website serves as a source of inspiration to those wishing to build a great website

As you scroll down the homepage, you’d notice the header dripping effect on the page, indicating that their fresh donuts and apple fritters drip with warmth and sweetness. The white is endowed with images of fascinating donuts and pastries that summons your appetite.  

The web designer caught the vision, and carefully developed the site to replicate the visual intent of the brand. Enjoy the satisfying scrolling effect as you explore the contour and other layers of this baker’s website.

Cobs Bread is a local bakery shop that serves the best-quality breads, pastries and baked goods. They focus on the USA and Canada demography. The website design boasts of professional graphics, high-quality images and useful contents, plus food options that enlightens users of the brand’s recipes, offers and treats. 

This bakers website is a perfect testament to what a world class online bakery/catering should look like. You can use the design in this site as a template to tweak and modify your bakery website.

The website shows a sense of credibility, from a carousel of  images to a visual story that highlights the expertise of the team. 

You’d appreciate how the elements are arranged on white background, with subtle gradients, great topography and with a nice touch of orange. The elements of the website are carefully selected and skillfully fixed to showcase top-notch design. Feel free to replicate some of the design techniques in this site for your next website design.

Natural handcrafted leavened bread experts in Miami with a tech-inspired website setup that helps in their collecting and delivering orders. Zak the Baker took their offerings a step further by investing in assistive technology to improve users experience and deliver services like screen reading software, screen enlargement software and alternative keyboard input devices.  

The website color, images and elements are consistent with the brands personality, which ultimately makes the site visually coherent and appealing.

Get thrilled by the subtle, but extraordinarily looking images, fixtures and layouts of this bakery website. What makes this site stand out are its crisp white, modern graphics, trendy text fonts and topography, which creates that unique competitive energy. 

Jane welcomes you to their space with a customized mug, and cool desserts. The images at the home page says it all. You can sign up via email and place an order on the website, or reach out to their kind customer support. Now get inspired by the stunning structure of this cool baker’s website.

This is an online bakery store where users purchase their favorite baked products. The website is designed in Chinese language, yet interprets the brand’s visual story in images and signs. The site has a sufficient amount of white spaces, with good topography and site layout. 


The website design provides lists of products, and their purchasing information.  As you scroll to the footer, there is an upward arrow that pushes you back to the top, making upward scrolling very swift and smooth. This site is clean, brilliant and clutter-free.

As one of Paris’s finest bakery brands, Carl Marletti presents a cohesive web  design that uses crisp white layouts to effectively highlight the visual story of the brand.  The Images, texts, buttons and CTAs serve as anchors, and build visitors’ actions. 

The website devoted the entire first page in revealing the achievement and services of the company using images and text, which goes a long way in instilling trust and confidence in their potential customer. The simplicity outlook of the site will give you a great design approach to bakers website design.

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